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Kelling - Targets and kit list


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10" LX200R, FSQ 106, Tak EM200, QSI 532 and QHY8 cameras for imaging.

ED120 and Vixen Super polaris for observing

FSQ 106 - M33 and M45 probably with QHY8

LX200R - NGC 7331 with QSI 532 ...and AO...maybe

Observing - Jupiter

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I'm hoping to bring the ZS66, FLT98 and ED120. EQ6 and CG5 mounts, Atik 16Hr and QHY5 cameras plus all the associated stuff :). Something to sleep in and on.

Imaging wise, I'd like to give the ED120 it's imaging first light (did a brief visual first light on Saturday and was really impressed) but if the conditions aren't up to it (if the wind is like it is at the moment, not a cat in hell's chance!), I'll use the FLT or 66. Haven't got any targets in mind, we'll see. Same for visual really, depends on what scope I'm using.


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Ron and I are sharing and hoping that by pooling our brain cells we'll learn something about imaging.

I'm bringing EQ6, ED80, ZS66, Atik 16HR, 450D, DSI II.

Ron is bringing his Mak Newt and cameras (not sure which).

We are open to suggestion for targets - I like RGB images of galaxies but it is probably more sensible to start with nebulae and globs perhaps?

Other than eyepieces, I'm bringing nothing for visual but will (hopefully) be on the scrounge as the subs roll in.


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