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SH2-155 : The Cave Nebula Full Colour


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Been working for some time on this unusual and not imaged much target.

SH2-155 The Cave Nebula up near the house. A very faint nebula with lots of bright stars around it making imaging fairly difficult.

This is about 5 hours captured on my Skywatcher ED120 F7.5 900mm with a EOS 350 modded dslr with Astronomik CLS LP clip filter.

All guided with ED80 and QHY5 and PHD.

5 mins subs and flats , darks and dark flats applied throughout the 2 nights.

Posted 2 pictures, full and a 100% crop of the actual target.

Hopefully it is worth viewing, I think I balanced out the colours right as there is a lot of red up there. Can see the blue reflective nebulocity in the core and the funny square shape it makes.

Tried to find pictures on google to compare, and there isn't many good ones out there, so hard to compare.

Over to you guys for C&C


100% crop of the core



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Dont think I have seen this one before!

I would suggest you stop using the smoothing and noise reductions though.

Personally I think they are damaging your images :)

With 5 hours you should have some good data, and should not need so much smoothing.

Can you post a version without for comparison?

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