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Jupiter/Ganymede montage....!

Kokatha man

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Just to round off my Ganymede imaging posts of the last few days (and a revision of some of the things I've played with in CS3 - plus in preparation for my reconstructed website:D) I'm posting this montage of one of my better Jupiter images taken on 17th August.....together with a scaled image of Ganymede taken by me with the same kit and setup on 9th September: Jupiter is approximately 71,500 km, and Ganymede approx. 5250 km in diameter.....

This equates to Jupiter appearing around 14X the diameter of Ganymede.....and although some may think montages are not quite kosher, there is no way that the details I obtained from each body could have been captured at the same time.....for those who like something that is a bit closer to "as occurred" I suggest they check my Jupiter & Ganymede composite where the images of each were taken 7 odd minutes apart, and the distance and scales approximated.....unfortunately the fluctuating seeing for that night didn't create the detail on Jupiter that I would have liked.....:):);):):D

The "Bird" impact site is also visible on Jupiter in this montage, having just come around the Eastern (left) limb in the South (top) Polar regions.....


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Hi Jha.....you asked in the other thread how I took this image - I merely put Ganymede in the middle of the capture screen/sensor of my DBK21 camera (after getting a sharp focus on Jupiter).....adjusted the settings to get the best Histogram/exposure I could achieve and ran the avi.....481 frames after Registax and AstraImage & CS3 processing.....I was extremely pleased to have the details confirmed by looking at several "space" images of Ganymede and especially this Hubble Space Telescope one

HubbleSite - NewsCenter - Hubble Catches Jupiter's Largest Moon Going to the 'Dark Side' (12/18/2008) - Release Images

I made a mistake with the above image by getting Ganymede's diameter and Jupiter's radius mixed up.....here is the correct scale for the two bodies with North as up (like the Hubble image....!:):):))


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