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Sky Watcher Evostar 80 ED DS PRO and Skymax 150 pro.


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First light with Skywatcher Evostar 80ED DS PRO and the Skymax 150 PRO. Put the scopes out to cool down and compass aligned the CG5 GT mount to north. Out at 8:30 to polar align the CG5 GT mount. The goto still not working right after an hour gave up and started star hopping.

ED80 DS PRO up first, put on to polaris very nice constrast and pin sharp stars with the supplied 2" diagonal and the 28mm eyepeice, The focuser i very nice and smooth a joy to use, swung onto Altair and Vega with the same results. Put in the 1.25" adaptor and tried some higher mags on the stars still very nice contrast and pin sharp stars over an impressive amount of the FOV. The scope gave nice doughnuts at high mag either side of focus so the optics and collimation are excelent straight out of the box. Went to have a look at Jupiter, "WOW" in the 2" 28mm EP stunning wide angle veiw of Jupiter and its moons, several bands showing nicely and a shadow from a moon on the cloud tops. Tried higher mag EP's and veiws were continued to be great until I got silly with the barlow and the seeing made its presence felt.

Next up the Skymax 150 pro. From my veiwing position Jupiter is scimming a neihgbors roof at the moment so not the best seeing.However mounted the 150 and tried both the supplied EP's, the veiws were good but a little soft towards the edge of the FOV.

This is the first time I have had to deal with mirror shift/flop when focusing, mmmm I am glad Steve at FLO recomended the Williams focuser this should make focusing easier when the adaptor arrives. In te meantime once I got used to te shift by going thro' focus and then coming back into th weight of the mirror it is liveable with. Started working my way thro' te EP collection from 32mm to 4mm, upto 9mm the veiws were great with plenty of detail showing in te bands if I was patient, should be wonderful with the camera when it arrives with good contrast in fact better than was expected. I tried the barlow but to be honest althro' I got good veiws with the lower power EP's the seeing criucified the higher powers as was to be expected really. Swung onto Altair, Vega and then the milkyway the stars were sharp for most of the FOV, which was pleasing as this scope was really purchased as a planet and lunar scope.


Am I pleased with Steve at FLO's recomendations a big "YES". The ED80 DS PRO is a superb scope especially when consideration is given to what you get for your money and definately punches above its weight both on deep sky and planetary targets. I can't wait to get the canon 1000d strapped on it once I get familiar with it.

The SKYMAX 150 PRO once I got the hang of the focusing shift/flop was very good again, great for planets and surprisingly good on deep sky wit great contrast. I could live with the shift/flop for visual use and be very happy for visual observing, I am however glad that Steve suggested the Williams focuser for imaging and I am sure it wont be too bad for visual either :). So great pair of scopes which I reckon I shall enjoy the learning curve of imaging.

Now just got to sort this damn CG5 GT (not from FLO).

ooops sorry its' a bit long colin

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Thanks for posting your thoughts on these scopes Colin. How much "better" would you say the views of Jupiter were though the 150 mak than they were through the ED80 ?.

I'm asking this because I did a back to back comparison between my 127mm achro refractor and my 12" dobsonian and found that there was precious little between them last night.


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Hi John

I think this is a bit like asking which of my 2 children is my favourite. Anyway you have got the brain cells stiring, I have reread the observing notes I made and I think that astheticaly the ED80 wins because the veiws appeared to be a bit more contrasty, also I think the ED80 handled the mush better over the houses but the Skymax 150 obviously gave a larger apparent image all be it with with a small loss of contrast. If I am honest I think the ED80 got the "wow" vote because the veiws were a lot better than I expected and the difference visually to my old eyes was very little, I could quiet happily spend an evening doing visual obs on Jupiter or any planet with either.


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I'm new to telescopes and have been um-ing and ar-ing over which to go for. I'd be very interested to know what I should expect to see through the Skywatcher 80ED, if there's an example image somewhere of the type of detail I could expect to see of Jupiter or the Moon that would be great. I am also interested in astrophotography so would need to get an appropriate mount too (at the moment I have binoculars but can't seem to get past the "war film" double-barrel view).

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the 80mm pro is a good performer, and gives good and contrastful wievs.

there should be lots of images around, you would have to search for SW pro, equinox, or eon, or celestron ed. they are all basically the same, great value for money, and often used for imaging.

as for a mount, i would suggest no less than a heq5 pro, or a eq6 pro, if you can stretch to it financially.

if you go for the eq6 pro, you are set for a long, long time, and would most probably never upgrade to something better.


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