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M27 ED80 H9 - 6hrs


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Still not convinced that there's not something that I'm really missing...

I don't seem to be collecting the amount of data per sub that I should be. It may be local conditions, but using the 7nm Ha filter should negate most of the LP and moon light etc...

I managed to grab another 13x10 minute subs and I've added it to the rest of the subs that I have - so this image is made up of mainly 10 minute subs, but some 5 min subs as well.

The vast majority of these are with the 7nm Ha filter, but about an hour of the data is with the OIII filter.

I thought that I would through the whole lot into the pot and see what happened.

I need to learn about processing, Steve's book is on my Christmas list.


The Tif, converted to 16bit, is attached if you fancy a play.


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I think that the problem with this shot is that I've taken data over an extended period of time. I know that some of the early data was off slightly in focus.

The data from just last night was better (see this image). Maxim was telling me that the focus was 0.7 - 0.8 (FWHM) - and I've been told that anything under 1 is good...

I still have a flaring on the stars to the 4 oclock position which I have no idea about...

This image is 13 x 10 minutes.


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