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DSI II colour frustration !!!!!!!!!

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Set up last night ready for a few hours of imaging using the following, Celestron C6 XLT with synscan goto and a colour meade DSI II. Levelled the mount, aligned to polaris, did three star alignment. Slewed to M31 and it was bang in the middle of the eyepiece. Connected the DSI to laptop and the live image was just a mess of pixelation. I followed the intructions that are on the meade dvd and pressed auto exposure and the screen changed colours and was obviousley doing some processing. All i could see after this was a white fuzzy blob ( i assume the core of M31 ) surrounded by fuzzy pixelattion. Am i doing something wrong???? tried adjusting focus to see if it made a difference but nothing. I could not see a thing?

I thought i would just try taking some exposures of 1 minute to see what happened all i got was a very bright white blob???

Anybody got any tips on setting this up and achieveing some reasonable results, i must admit i am struggling at the moment

Any help appreciated

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The green box in over the center of the M31 Galaxy is showing the FOV that you would get with a DSI II on a C6 SCT at f10


Have you got a Focal Reducer ?

If not I would pic a smaller target to Start with I think M57 is a good starter with the DSI ... nice size to get it on the chip good contrast etc...

If your after a galaxy M33 will more than fill the FOV but you should see more structure or M82 would be a nice target


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so is it the fact that the brightness of the core is blooming things???? i did have this thought as i then put my canon 10D and took a quick snap and i got some sort of image, although it was not focused, would prefer to use the canon but the focussins is a pain. I know i can use the masks to do this, how easy is this??? Also just as i was going to try some shots the dam battery was flat :)

Thanks for the help i will try your suggestions for objects next time it is clear, not looking good for rest of week here in yorkshire :)

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Would the cmaera be connected to a lappy?

Either way make yourself a Bahtinov set the camera to max iso and take say a 10s exposure on the brightest star you can find thats close to your target... zoom in on it on the LCD screen or better still look at in on a laptop and use that for focusing then slew back to your target and capture the subs... after you have taken the mask off... I know its obvious but I wasted half the night on M42 last year becasue i had left it on...


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it could be i suppose, i assume i just connect with usb. Is there something different i can do if it is connected to laptop?? I have a template for a mask so might try that. iTS A VERY steep learning curve i have found, it gets frustrating when you have been out for several hours with nothing to show for it apart from raised blood pressure !!!!!!!

My inspiration and will to nail it come from looking at some of the images on here it makes me want to carry on.

Thaks for the help will report back when i have clear skies to try again.

Roll on the winter i say

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