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M33 - my first image with new camera


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Please be gentle with me - this is the first result using my new Canon EOS1000D. I know it's far from perfect but we were plagued with problems this evening so I was pleased to get anything at all.

My good friend Dave came round to help me and we spent most of the evening unsuccessfully trying to autoguide - he's looking in to that problem for me. PHD Guiding just didn't want to work with my mount (CG5) despite successfully calibrating.

Anyway, this is squeezed out of 11 unguided subs of 90 seconds at ISO 800 without any LP filter (haven't got a 2" one yet). Stacked in DSS and processed in PSP - bit of a hurried job really - was desperate to see a result.

Many problems to overcome, - not least the vignetting and lack of LP filter but even so, it is a dramatic improvement on what I was getting with the Meade DSI, so I'm happy and it holds promising for the future.


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A very nice start. Flats will deal with the Vignetting. I assume this is on the C8 with 2" focuser ? How are you connecting the camera to the scope, with 2" fittings, I'm surprised by that vignetting, that's about what I was getting with 1.25" fittings. Try the Skywatcher LPR... It works quite well for not a lot of money.

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Thanks for that Neil and Aza - all that time spent learning with the Meade DSI for the last year is paying dividends. It's already been a steep learning curve and you're quite right - it will continue to be so. I love a challenge but without the help on here I think I'd have floundered long ago. Isn't it fantastic to be able to share knowledge so easily and quickly.

I'm hoping for big progress in the next few months as I nail down the various problems and challenges.

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