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Finder Scope O-rings


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Hi all,

I have a Celestron 6 x 30 finder scope, the kind that has a quick release dovetail bracket - a bit like this one. There are two adjustment screws and a spring loaded bolt holding the finder in place at one end of the sleeve, whilst there is a rubber o-ring holding it at the other.

The rubber o-ring on mine has broken. Does anyone know of a source of replacements for these? Or even if they are some standard bit that I could find in any ironmongers?

Thanks & clear skies.

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Has anyone got any more tips for finding one of these elusive o rings. I need one for the finderscope on my 9x50 celestron finderscope.

Polymax site is down at the mo.

I'm amazed that none of the scope shops seem to carry these perishable parts in stock or even know where to get them from!!



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From another forum someone sugested that this would be 31.47x1.78mm, 1-1/4"x1/16", therefore BS026, http://www.bearingstation.co.uk/Products/O_Rings/Nitrile_O_Ring_-_Imperial/1.0_-_1.99_Inch/BS026 or http://www.amazon.co.uk/BS026-Imperial-Nitrile-O-rings-Pack/dp/B0032TRIJ2.

My finder scope OD is 32mm and the ID of the holder is 34.7mm.

I will give this a try.

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A couple of sources for 50mm finder o-rings. For a smaller finder, some guesstimation of sizing would be needed? .......

On fleabay. 46mm I/D x 1.5mm diam -


Agena Astro(US) -



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I have used elastic bands too. otherwise try a local hardware shop. they often have a stock of odds and sods.

Do we still have local hardware stores, certainly none around here, don't know about Catalunya :)

 I've got a box of three hundred assorted O rings from my plumbing days anyone wants to post a size I'll see if I have a match.


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