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Ha sunspot picture from this afternoon

Kaptain Klevtsov

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I am a little confused and hope one of you guys can

clear this up for me.

CC...... you said this image was taken in HA. (GREAT IMAGE btw)

I was under the impression that an HA filter was what is on the

end of a Coronado type solar scope. (you said you used a Baader filter)

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To clarify, the OMC140 has a screw on Baader film filter on the inlet end as supplied as a factory option.

The webcam then has a Ha filter screwed in the nosepiece.

The webcam used has a mono chip so the image comes out in black and white. Then I added a layer in photoshop which was orangey coloured and mixed the two together to give the false colour.

Hope this helps,

Captain Chaos

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