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Elephant Trunk - IC1396 (Full Color)


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-> Telescope: LX200GPS 14" - Hyperstar 3


-> Guiding Telescope: SkyWatcher 4"

-> Guiding Camera: Meade DSI 2

-> Guiding Software: PHD Guiding

-> Filter: Astronomik Ha, O3, S2

-> Processing: MaximDl / AstroArt / PhotoShop CS3

-> Exposure: Ha = 5hrs 15m / O3 = 2hrs 20m / S2 = 45m

-> Date: 29, 30, 31 Aug & 1 Sep 2009

-> Place: Athens Greece

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:)HI and thanks Greekastronomy I'm gonna be staring at this for some time, some more time should I say. Brilliant image and you've inspired me to go looking for this one.

The quality of images on this site is Amazing! nuff said......:D

regards, craig.

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Thank u all very much. Yes i exchange the filters manually because u can not put a filterwheel in front of the scope. I am lucky enough to have 14inch scope because if i had 12inch and down i could not use the ATIK 16HR because this ccd is not round. I have bought the filter changer from Telescope Service Germany because it is the thinnest manual filter changer in the market.

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Very nice image!

If you want any criticism, I would say that there are some strange defects towards the bottom half of the nebula. I 'think' this is due to over smoothing with noise reduction. Is that because of over strectching the weaker SII channel?

But hey thats only nit picking! The image is excellent :D

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