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Revelation Photo-Visual Eyepiece kit


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How much imaging are you hoping to do with the set? How much are you just going use the eyepieces for looking through?

I can't comment on the quality of the eypieces, but the range of focal lengths is about right for the evostar 90. I have a 32mm Meade 4000 which is great for this scope. You could push that scope much more than a 9mm eyepiece but you have the barlow to get your shorter focal lengths. I'm not too keen on barlows though, I bought a tal 2x one which is meant to be the best for its price and was a bit disappointed. The image lost a lot of contrast and I thought in the end I'd rather miss out the barlow a look a bit more closely through the eyepiece.

The evostar 90 is a (good) achromat so you can expect a fair bit of chromatic aberration (purple haze) for imaging purposes. The 32mm ep is appears to be the one designated for imaging, it will accommodate the moon quite easily. The write up suggests a digital SLR (do you have a DSLR?). The set comes with a T adaptor but the Evostar 90 has a T thread on the back of focuser which you can attach a T-ring suitable for your DSLR onto (for doing prime focus photography). So there might not be a lot of value in the T-adaptor in that for you.

You don't say what mount you are thinking of using this with. Unless it is a motorized mount, the moon would be your only target that you could take photos of because you could get away with a reasonably short exposure. Photographing the moon is good fun so don't knock it! Jupiter would look very small at 32mm or prime focus and the chromatic aberration would probably make it worse.

My evostar 90 came with 10mm and 25mm eyepieces. When I have stacked them up against more expensive eyepieces I have been pleasantly surprised (considering what they must cost). The revelation ones are probably not going to be much better quality considering you are getting 5 for 125 pounds and some filters and a T adaptor thrown in.

In conclusion, although the set seems to represent good value for money (you're getting a lot of kit for 125 quid and a nice box to put it in) it might not be the best for your situation assuming you already have the skywatcher 10 and 24mm eyepices that come with the Evostar 90.

If I was in that position and wanted to spend a similar budget now I'd buy a 32mm eyepiece (you can pick up Meade 32mm 4000s quite cheaply 2nd hand) plus something to deal with higher magnification when conditions are right, maybe about 7mm and a moon filter (14GPB from FLO) to look at the moon. The Meade would probably be better quality that the revelation and 7mm would give you a higher usable/useful magnification than the 9mm in the set (which would be only a bit better than the 10mm that comes with the evostar).

In addition a t ring adapter for your DSLR would allow you to try taking photos of the moon using prime focus.

Any other opinions?

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