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Have borowed...


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...the PST from the A.S.

Will use up some film on the Olympus SLR and hopefully get my new Canon 350D on it as well.

Typically, been cloudy today (Thur), but the reports are for sunnier weather over the next few days.

Can't wait :D

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I've had several views through the PST now and am very impressed.

The 'tuneable' filter works very well and it is quite amazing to see prominences tune-out and surface detail tune-in!!!

The only downside is it's difficult to get an image through. I would imagine the afocal coupler would do the trick, here but I'm not going to shell out for one just yet.

Makes me want to see it through a bigger aperture, thoug. Anybody got a spare £4K ??? :)

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Have managed to get a couple of shots (which I'll post later) with the 350D, 2x barlow lens screwed in to a camera adaptor and that screwed into the T mount ring.

The more I look at the sun, the more I can see, even with a 20mm EP (don't know the mag at the time of writing). By taking the time to relax and look, the surface 'ripples' really jump out and when tuned to the prominences, they are amazing.

It really is a great bit of kit - think I might do a mini-review over the weekend.....

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