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SC3 problem solved - cable grip was at fault.

Kaptain Klevtsov

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Last night I had the good, the bad and the ugly.

The good was the sky, really quite clear if not quite dark.

The bad was the SC3 stopped doing long exposures.

The ugly was the Jupiter that I tried to image with a bandpass filter to get rid of atmospheric colour prisming for want of a better word.

The SC3 went under the screwdriver this afternoon and what I found made me wonder if this is common. The parallel port plug has a cable grip inside and mine wasn't gripping the cable. Basically the cable diameter is too small for the clamp to get hold of it and the result was that one of the connections had come adrift because of the strain. To remedy the situation I cut a chunk off my mousemat and put this in the cable clamp along with the cable. this allowed the cable clamp to grip the cable and I think I now have a better solution.

Hope this helps somebody.

Captain Chaos

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