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Are there any non-OU Physics courses?

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I did the 24 credits Introduction to Astronomy with the Liverpool John Moores uni in 2008, but I'd like to do some Physics before progressing to Astrophysics as I'm mostly self-taught and getting really frustrated in trying to understand some topics that could do with some extra support.

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This is a good book with plenty of practice material - why not just buy this and cut out the middle man?

University Physics with Modern Physics Pie with mastering physics: Amazon.co.uk: Hugh D. Young, Roger A. Freedman, Lewis Ford: Books

Thank you Matthew, I've just ordered a copy from Amazon :)

But, what am I going to do when I'm stuck on a topic and I need to tweak somebody else's brain?

The only place I know is the OUSA Physics (Open University Physics Student ***.), which I guess I could go to but another Physics Forum would be useful. Do you know of any other one?

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I think UCLAN do a Physics for Astronomers course at level two, one up on the level you did with LJM. I've done most of their Level One courses and found them excellent. (Radio Astronomy with Jodrell nearly killed me but they were very nice in the way that they went about it!)


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Just to say that the above book which you have ordered will give you a very good base of physics knowledge.

It is a VERY big book covering most of the fundamentals required to understand astrophysics, and it has a LOT of practice questions. I would suggest doing as many as you can.

The book is designed to last a year of full time study however, so be aware it will take a while to get through!

It's not perfect, but then no book is! In my experience though these big American compendiums are more consistent and easier to follow and learn key concepts in all areas of Physics than the more traditional British separate textbooks.

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Any idea what bits you anticipate problems with?

People here may be able to help, would suggest that it is kept as a pm instead of getting different opinions, and hence confusion, on the forum.

Problem will be that it is A'level then degree, not sure what you are looking at. A distance learning A'level will probably be one or two years.

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Wondered about Birkbeck, found this:

Physics and Mathematics (Certificate of Higher Education), 2009/2010 entry (part-time study) - Birkbeck, University of London

Also try an email to Queen Mary Coll/Univ, think they do distance learning ones. Just not sure of the detail.

Oops, just realised that it, Birkbeck, may not be a true distance learning based course.

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US based on-line course:

Introduction to Physics - Learn about acoustics, electromagnetism, electronics, nuclear power, optics, nanotechnology

Quick read and all the bits seem to be there.

Not sure of the depth.

As it is US it counts for not a lot here but not sure what it is that you require.

Final info: Search for Foundation Certificate and see if there are any distance learning options, at least in the UK.

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