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Guest MoJo

No I don't mean those Alaskan radars, but the stuff that forms on your gear!!

Basically are there types of telescopes that are more suceptable to dew than others and if so how do you combat it??

Have been looking at a Maksutov Newt (15% osbt) for planetary/moon work but would like to here from more experienced observers about the pitfalls of these (and mak cassegrain types) as I beleive in doing my research first.



ps wasn't last night grand!!

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You'll need a dew shield and maybe a heating system as well depending on your location. I get by fine with just the shield on my Mak/Cass.

The only downsides I can see to a Mak/Newt for planetary work are that they are expensive for the aperture and heavy. Other than that I'd say go for it.


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