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Natural colour from a stacked image?

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Hi I am having trouble bringing back the natural colours after using deep sky stacker.

Has anyone got any tips on how I achieve this?

I'm using a canon 350d SLR and a stack of about 17 images 20secs to about 1 minute.

Thanks Dean

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The usual suspect for this is after you have stacked the images open up the saturation tab in the dialogue and increase to a minimum of 20% or more, this should ring back the colour to the image.


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Thanks Steve 22% just right. Its amazing what difference even 2% makes.

I now have a better image after 2 mins work than I did after 2 hours of editing yesterday.

Thanks again Dean

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I always do this too, to keep the colour balance looking about right:

After clicking 'Stack checked pictures' in DSS, click recommended settings.

In that section you can scroll down and ensure you use the option that says:

"If the colour balance in the resulting image is hard to fix......."

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