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Moonhunters camera phone pictures of the sun


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Nice comment,s just after the plain flew past! :D

:D I was just shocked that`s all :lol:

Ain`t the sought of thing you expect to see when observing the sun. :D

I`ve used my Video DJ on my phone and have cut the swearing out.

Will try upload the new one and delete the old one.

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No additional hardware on the computer assuming you already have the digital video on your computer, you just register at http://youtube.com and then upload your video just like uploading an image. It then does some magical stuff that lets you stream the video so others can watch it easily.

Not really sure how it all works but they seem to be doing pretty well out of it, theres some quite funny vidoes on there :D

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Ok, so I guess my real question should have been, how do you get the digital video from the phone/camera to the computer? I don't have a camera phone or digital movie camera, so I'm at a loss. Or am I just outta luck?

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Hi Astroman

The phone i got is a Sony Ericcson W550i :D

I just took a video on my phone then i used the lead that came with it plugged one end, into the USB port on the pc and the other end of the lead into the phone.

I then Saved the video clip onto my pc, then i joined Youtube and then i just simply logged in clicked on upload, then choose the file i wanted to upload, onto the website.

Then whalar it`s fini and now everyone could see my movie clip.

Dunno how you do it with webcams etc probs same.

Hope that help :D


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