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Solar Filters

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Since the clouds have been awful of late (sunny in the daytime, overcast at night) I was thinking of getting a filter so I could safely view the sun.

However I haven't got the foggiest idea where to look for one, or how much to expect to pay for one..

Any help?



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First of all i have to say this:


That said, the easiest/cheapest way is to buy some baader solar filter film for about £20. You can then mangle a cardboard frame that fits over your objective and allows you to see the sun in white light. Alternativly you can buy expensive (and better quality) premade filters for your objective. You can also buy PST's but thats a different ball park again

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Check out Bern. at www.modernastronomy.com he sells Baader filter stuff for about 15 quid a sheet (A4 ish size). You then need to make a holder to ensure that it goes on the end of the telescope and doesn't come off. Gaffer tape etc. might be good.

Take off the finderscope if you have one and put it away, or the top of your head might get scorched as you observe.

I might be a chicken, but I put my hand over the EP before my eye, it heals faster and I have a spare.

Good luck

Captain Chaos

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Thanks for that, Cap'n. I was about to apologize to you. No toes stepped upon, apparently. 8)

Rosie's doing fine, thanks for asking. She'll be returning to work next Thursday. We picked up her new car last Friday. It's the driving to work that'll be a challenge for her. Understandable.

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