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The Ring Saga

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Last night I was trying out the EP Projection on Jupiter when it went behind the clouds, again. So as it had got darkish by that time I decided that it was a good time to polar align and calibrate the goto, espescially as I had to moce the 'scope to avoid a tree. Got that sorted but still cloudy to the south. I decided to grab something to the east whilst waiting for the clouds to move, so I dialled in M57 and the 'scope moved to a clear bit of sky. Wohoo! I slewed to a nearby bright star (Sheliak) to focus and then back to M57 for a snap.


As this looked very promising I trotted off to get the CLS filter, fitted it, mounted the camera, slewed to Sheliak for focussing, tried a frame for focus - looks OK - then did ten 30 second exposures at 1600iso for stacking later.

Packed up around 12:30 and checked the Pics on the laptop.

Forgot to slew back to M57!

So the above is the one trial resized and deredded in PS.

It migt be there again tonight, if it is I will have another bash.

Captain Chaos

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Yeah, I'll use the Newt for more light (above was fracced) and a Barlow, then crop it (above is a full frame resized) if the quality is there. Single frames at 1600iso don't do cropping very well. I'll also up the exposure to maybe 2 mins at 400iso to see if that does any better, shame I didn't have the remote camera zapper last night as the D50 only goes to 30sec then you need the zapper for B exposures.

Captain Chaos

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