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Eyepiece info please.

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Last winter i managed to lose my eyepiece set :) at the time i did get insurance but due to health matters the money got spent.

What i managed to lose was 8mm & 11mm Tele Vue Plossl's and a Tele Vue 2x Barlow in a field in deep Sussex.:)

Now due to very low funds i need to get an eyepiece set again to get me going over the winter months, at the moment all i have is a 20mm Swan and soon to be delivered 2x Tal Barlow.

Ive been looking at the Skywatcher SP plossl and at £20 each they seem a good bargain but are they any good ??.

I was thinking on getting two of the above as a stop gap or i could get one Meade 4000 now and another later next year what do you think, at the moment £50 is pushing it.

At the moment i will be useing them in my ZS66, ive tried a few dummy runs with the 150mm Newt but i am still not fit enough so i will stick with the compact set up for now.

Due to LP 80 percent of my observing is Lunar but i do like to look at the planets, my scope tops out at around the 100x mag, so a 8mm and 2x barlow works well.

Regards Mick.:rolleyes:

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Don't know if you can still get these in the UK.

Orion Sirius Plossl Telescope Eyepieces - Telescope.com

This week I've been comparing the view between my 10 and 7.5mm

Sirrius and a pair of Baader Genuine Orthoscopic 9 and 7mm.

I have to say that I was very impressed by the performance

of the Orion eyepieces.

I got mine a couple of years ago at astrofest, and paid about £20 each for them.

Over the last couple of years they have delivered excellent views

of the moon and planets.

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Things are looking up ive managed to sell a camera lens so have a little money, ive managed to order a 8mm TV Plossl so thats a start to the collection again.


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