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Iris Nebula - NGC7023 (Full Color)

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-> Telescope: LX200GPS 14" - Hyperstar


-> Guiding Telescope: SkyWatcher 4"

-> Guiding Camera: Meade DSI 2

-> Guiding Software: PHD Guiding

-> Filter: Astronomik Lum, Red, Green, Blue

-> Processing: MaximDl / AstroArt / PhotoShop CS3

-> Exposure: Lum = 3Hrs 45min & RGB = 2Hrs

-> Date: 14, 25, 30 July 2009

-> Place: Athens Greece

ONLINE Hellenic Observatory


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oh very very nice mate, loving this everytime.

Can I ask as a newbie. How much cropping was done. can you post a link to the original before cropping. Love to see the original on your scope for comparison.

And yes before anyone asks, I do have CCDCalc, but it isn;t that good for what I am after in terms of info.

Keep up the great work


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Very good colours and nice processing. I notice that the brighter stars have a somewhat larger spike to the right. I guess that's due to the Atik 16HR being in front of the corrector plate in your Hyperstar system?


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Thank u all very very much for your nice words. U give me the power to continue to imaging the magical world of the Universe.

Petervde: yes the spikes are coming from the 4 cables that are in front of the telescope with the Hyperstar system and the ATIK 16HR.

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I knew when I saw that you'd posted an image of one of my favourite nebulae that it would be superb, and I'm not dissapointed :)

Marvellous work:headbang:

Please can you post an image of your imaging setup with the hyperstar and filter wheel....there are quite a few of us interested in your setup!



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That is another winner.

Just a couple of thoughts; could you not move the cables between sub exposures so that with Sigma stacking they disappeared?

Also I just wonder if by lifting the low end of the red channel in Curves you could bring out the browns around the edge of the nebula?

Like the others I'd love to see a picture of your setup. It works!


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