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First look at Jupiter for ages.


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I managed to get out for an hour for the first time in ages tonight,only with the etx 80 though,due to my back at the mo'.

The more I look through this little scope the more I'm enjoying it!.And Jupiter was no exception.

At 40x power both band's on the planet could be clearly seen.

Question? can either of the Moon's actually skim south of the Planet, because I could clearly see three of the Moon's to the right of the Planet,but one was directly at 6 o'clock of the Planet :shock:

I haven't either of the Mag's yet this month to check,so would someone be good enough to check please.

Cheers now, Mick. :D

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Glad you got out with ya Etx80 Mick, the moon was IO but you know that from Steves post in the lounge 8).

Do you have starry night pro or backyard? that will show you the times if the Transits and which moons are crossing the path of jupiter/Saturn etc etc?..

James :D

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It got me scratching my head Steve,it was the first time I had seen the moon's that way,(I thought I was going to make a plonker of myself by asking :D)

Geppetto,that looks a handy bit of software! I'll remember it when I eventually get a cheap PC laptop.(run an old Mac at the mo)


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Since our orbit around the Sun is inclined with respect to Jupiter, (and Saturn for that matter), we are looking up at both from their south poles. When Callisto goes behind the planet, we can still see it because it orbits far enough away from Jupiter that the planet doesn't block it.

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