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Picy of my first scope!

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I was just going to post about M57, Rob! That scope will have happy memories for you then.

BTW when I first viewed your post, the piccy didn't appear. I had to refresh the page for the piccy to download. So there may be something wrong on the forum somewhere.............. :?

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White is best for reflecting heat, of course. A very impressive scope, Astroman. I've viewed it many times on your site (which has been bookmarked for the past 4 years - it was 4 years yesterday when I first joined Orbital9. How's that for a bit of useless information)? :)

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Very nice mount in that last piccy.....is that an Astro 3 by any chance? Ah my old mount!

The Explorer 150 of yours works a charm. Made mince meat of the 80ED when we did that comparison.

The 114's have a great reputation and that model won the first equipment review in the new Sky at Night mag.


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Yes mate, thats you old Astro 3! :). I must say when that scope was mounted it worked like a dream... silky smooth with no motor judder. I did have some fun with the ST102 and we (Russ) managed to image a fair capture of Saturn through it!!.

The 150 is great!.. I think I may have been luck on getting a good quality mirror from a reduced Q.C line (i.e their not all hand made and tested so!). I must say value for money = Synta. On a budget its help me to enjoy the hobby, get hooked and start saving for a SCT!!!!. Truthfully though good scopes, good prices (for the UK) + an extensive range!!.

The Helios was bought by a God parent who has a part-time interest in Astronomy. Not a die hard yet, but trying to convert!! :)

Still I at least know where she is & that she's being look after. :)

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