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I just received my Tasco 375x Astro 112mm Reflector and I'm abit confused what 2 of the contents are.

There first is an eyepiece which is alot smaller than the other, with SR4mm written on (it also has no rubber edging)

I also have a little green lens thing with MOON written on it..

Anyone tell me what they are??

Sorry, I feel such an idiot!

I can take pics if my description is too vague..


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Hi Kain,

The Green one is a Moon filter this helps with the brightness of the Moon in the Telescope and also lets you see otherwise too bright details.

4mm will be small they normally are and have less of a FOV(Field of view), how wide you can see in the Eyepiece)..


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Hi Kain,

Use that eyepiece on good nights of seeing(Very clear and steady Night sky) for closeups of the Moon and Planets :D


PS:Your Moon filter should screw into your eyepiece(At the bottom there maybe a internal thread for this?). Unless it's just a Moon filtered eyepiece..

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