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Crescent Nebula - NGC6888 (Hubble Colors)

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-> Telescope: LX200GPS 14" - Hyperstar


-> Guiding Telescope: SkyWatcher 4"

-> Guiding Camera: Meade DSI 2

-> Guiding Software: PHD Guiding

-> Filter: Astronomik Ha, O3, S2

-> Processing: MaximDl / AstroArt / PhotoShop CS3

-> Exposure: Ha = 3h / O3 = 3h 15m / S2 = 2h 45m

-> Date: 29 June & 4, 5, 9, 11 July 2009

-> Place: Athens Greece

ONLINE Hellenic Observatory


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Yes, another great bit of work from you :)

I see you use a mono camera. Do you have to remove the camera to change filters, or have you found another method?



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Hello Antony,

Any chance of you posting an image of the hyperstar/filter wheel setup?

Using a mono camera with the hyperstar is giving you great results :)



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