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Well we had another clear spell last night , i mainly was testing the other camera , but took a couple of the moon as well, i liked this one as it showed some nice detail casting the shadows across the craters ,

Taken with the Atik 2HS and GPS 8 using the IR PASS FILTER.



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Big wow image that Rog. I have a personal problem with it though, one of those brain test things.

This is an optical enigma for me. I can't get the craters to look the right way up. Focus is spot on, the image is of real craters - why does my brain keep telling me that the craters are raised instead of depressed?

The way it's supposed to work is that you can see the in or outness according to your perception. The cast hollow face turning inside out is the paradigm for this illusion, but in this image I can't get it to look like the craters are down.

The image has all the information, and I know which way the craters are, so this is a psychology thing only. I wondered if anybody else had this and, more to the point, if anybody knows why I can't turn it the right way. (Answers including the words mad, crazy, dumb, stupid etc, are welcomed BTW)

Captain Chaos

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:D :lol:yes i know CC some of my guys at work see it like that as well with moon images , i to sometimes see the craters raised, then i look a way look back and low and behold they are craters again heehheh , i cant explain why , maybe someone here has the answer .


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I have had the 'problem' for as long as I can remember.

I don't think its optical; I can read to the bottom of the test chart (well ... I could at my last eye test 6 years ago!).

It must be an image processing thing...

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