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Vallis Alpes


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Got the 8" set up and cooling for the comet. Skies clear so far so fingers crossed.

Been looking at the moon for over an hour now, my favourite area is starting to

show up. This area around the Apennines and the Vallis Alpes I find truly stunning to study.

The shadows cast by the mountains are awesome, cant get enough of this part of the moon.

Took a few images with the Nikon 5400 afocal through a 26mm eyepiece on my 8" F6

This is one of them :D


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Thanks guys

Out of interest, has anybody imaged this valley and got the rille that runs along the bottom of it?

Its one of my little quests and looking at some of my other images from last night, I nearly got

the darn thing.

Next time maybe :D :D

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