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Hertfordshire Stargazing Newbie

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Hi, there, also in Herts.

As you are Camkorn just wondering if you are in N Herts and so near to Cambridge.

There is a decent astronomy group there at the Inst of Astro. They also have access to some of the scopes there as well as some of their own. Can be borrowed. They do talks in one of the lecture theatres.

To join is just £5 so not a lot, also they give coffee and biscuits.

If you haven't a scope and can get there it would allow you to view objects through one and get some views and ideas.

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Hi Clare

Welcome to SGL; I'm from Hertfordshire too :)

If you are starting out in astronomy, then binoculars are a great way of finding your way around the night sky and give you nice wide-field views. You will readily locate planets, even Neptune is obvious (checking against star charts). Also great if you want to get into comet hunts.

A good pair of 10x50 bins would be a good starting point and perhaps add an L bracket to mount them on a photo tripod. There are much larger objective binoculars, but the the weight and cost increases too!

At the moment I have some Nikon 8x42 Action VII wide field binoculars (8.2 degrees) not waterproof or anything but cheap at Jessops. Mine actually cost me nothing as they were a leaving gift from my old job :)

You will find plenty of good advice around SGL and there is a binocular observing forum so lots of info to gather.

Going to be another scorcher in Stevenage!


Hello Follks!

I have always been interested in astronomy - mainly just from watching documentaries on the Discovery Channel. Last week I bought a book about the Universe (by Peter Cattermole and Stuart Clark) which I have been unable to put down since! I found this forum while looking for information on binoculars - think I would rather start with a decent pair of binoculars before investing money in a telescope! I am a total newbie and can see there is a lot to learn but I'm looking forward to seeing a planet already :-)


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Hello Clare, welcome to the SGL Forum, and I hope you enjoy it here.

It's just like a very large family, and we help each other.

You made a very wise decision on choosing binoculars as a first instrument. They're excellent for panning around the galaxy, and will deliver some wonderful views. Don't get a pair that are too heavy or you will soon get tired arms. Then you will need a mount for them.

Best wishes.


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