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First LRGB ever!


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Well, for me at least! I had the Artemis in the Vixen - big FOV so subframed the capture (ie drew a box around the target on the screen and only saved that bit each time) and also binned 2x2. So that made this image alittle under 1/3 the size of the CCD.

Anyway, 9 x 30 second subframes for each of L, R, G and B. Ecah colour stacked in Registax then combined as one pic in Maxim. I am sort of happy with it I thinki! Pic one is RGB and pic 2 has the luminance added (the theory being that the luminance layer gives structure to the colours). More decisions, which one's favourite?


PS - also was test-driving the new autofocus last night. That was fun too but it's another story :D



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A no brainer that one Arthur - the LRGB is better! Reckon you have a bit of a greeny yellow colour cast though which you can easily get rid of. Great work though. I really like colour images of DSOs.

I still haven't sorted out how to effectively do the combine in maxim - keeps leaving the top image fully opaque, have had to rely on photoshop.

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they look good for the first try Arthur , i still cant convince myself about LRGB , in some cases i will admit the image looks good in colour . but for me the time and effort to put in , maybe one day , but at the moment i still feel there is alot more i can learn in bringing out a dynamic b/w image , perhaps when i reach the stage and say , well ole warner ole son this is the best you will ever do , go try LRGB , but for now , good ole B/w , hehehe its a bit like spikes to u i guess Arthur hehehe .

Rog :D

good images though

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