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Just taken delivery

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Well actually collection of my new grap and go scope.

I've just got a Sentinal 80mm F6 scope. It looks like a blumming nice bit of kit! (Cherrs Russ).

I particually like the way that the whole focuser spins round so that you can frame the shot without altering the focus :D I think that this is going to be an amazing litle scope on some of the wide field objects... Particually looking forward to M31 / M45 / Dbl Cluster / Coat hanger etc etc etc.

Some of the other large galaxies should also come out really well. The pinwheel springs to mind - the FOV with the 300D is going to be around 2.6 x 1.75 degrees. So I should be able to find the damn thing now even if it isn't in the middle of the FOV. This is one object that has me stumped for a long long time!

Looking forward to first light.


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Ahh good stuff Ant, welcome to the Sentinal club....

This is getting like the Skywatcher mafia.... :D

They are not Synta/Skywatcher Gaz; all versions are from the Taiwanese company Guan Sheng (GSO).

(Quality of diagonals/eyepieces do vary)

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