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Be gentle folks, this is the first time I've tried this, only the link to the photo page works at the moment (or you can click the little Jupiter, I found out how to attach a link to a picture :D :D)

It needs headers (and a better Jupiter), I'm just playing around at the moment so any comments would be welcome, I thought I upload what I had so far just to have something to show for messing around all afternoon.

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Good start Gaz :D

Can you change the font size in the forecast thingy? I think that may be the issue with the width.....

The feedback and favourites need the new colour scheme and layout applying....

And the date is in US format!!!!

Nothing too major me old mate!

Welcome to the World Wide T'Internetthingy :D

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Cheers Guys,

The feedback and the favourites are just there because they came with the Frontpage "Idiots website template", I'll have a play with them tomorrow and put some content in.

So 1024x724 is considered the default size for a webpage? I'll crop everything down, it shoud still fit in pretty easily, that page is at 1200x1000.

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Looks good gaz......if i may be so bold though :D try and get all your menus to line up, so that they are in the same place as you navigate through your pages, may be being [removed word] but it just kinda bugs me :D Also....you need to change the colour of your hyperlinks on the bottom of your "some astro photos"page, cant see them....little things i know but you did ask :D

And just as a side note.....if anyone else out there is looking to do a web page you could do worse than trying this software www.webstudio.com, ive never made a web site before but managed this :lol: shameful advertising here :lol:www.adrianbeadell.co.uk. its so easy to use everything is drag and drop and best of all you can try it all fully featured free for 30 days

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Hi Gaz, as all have mentioned, a great start.

I run an old Mac with OSX 10.3.4 & everything is running nice & smooth.

The only thing I can suggest is the date when you took the images(or am I being a bit too finicky?)

Nice one, Mick. :D

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