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My telescope broke

Mancunian Lee

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I live in a third floor flat and was taking my skywatcher 200 down to the car for a night stargazing. The lift wasnt working so decided to take the stairs, i think you can see where this is going.

So my brother and I grabbed one end each and flung the door open into the stairwell, walked out onto the landing and the door slams shut hitting my hand, i drop the telescope and it swings out catching my brother un aware. So we both let go and off it rolls down the stairs, every stair it hit it would break that little bit more "clunk, smash, clunk, smash" as it bounced from one step to another.

I was totally gutted at first and still am, but it was like a scene from Laurel and Hardey. We watched in slow motion as it hit every step on the way down, then they rails, then the wall each time the "slushing" sound of the broken glass inside getting louder and obviously worse.

It was really funny looking back but at the moment i have no telescope so im absolutley gutted!!

We dont have home and contents insurance either, the flat we live in is very secure, we have CCTV over all the doors and its a gated community so we thought we would never get a break in! we dont have much money either so dont have much of value that could get damaged so have always done without - would of come in handy now though :D

Atleast i can see the funny side lol

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Thats a real shame mate but one thought comes to mind, is the Tube still ok? iam thinking you could always buy a new mirror for the scope this would be a lot cheaper than having to buy all the OTA?

It's good you find the funny side and i can see that Lee but iam sorry to hear of your scope m8 iam sure you can sort something out..


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Lee I feel for you, how tragic, what can I say, you still have the ep's etc. Was the tube damaged?

I think you can get replacement mirrors at a reasonable price, you will have to save your pennies.

Good to see that you can see the funny side, now if you had a video of the incident, You Have been Framed would have bought you a new mirror.

naz :D

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The tube has a good sized dent in it so i think its totally useless, im going to take it to stockport telescope centre when i can blag a lift (i dont drive) and see if it can be repaired.

I have the eye piece that came with it and thats all, i hadnt got round to buying anything else for it.

If i cant get it repaired ill just buy another telescope on the plastic, the mount and other bits are in perfect order its just the tube and glass thats fubar.

I could sell the HEQ5 and get a 150 skywatcher and EQ5 by adding a little bit of money, will have to see what happens over the next few days. deffo gunna get a hard case for what ever i get though :D

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I am almost in tears and not from laughing. That would be just too hard for me to take. I'm glad you can see a funny side to it, youre more resilient than I would have been.

For future reference, you can get or make a kind of a sling with handles that allows you to carry the scope in one hand, while you fend off walls and rails with the other, and your brother carries the mount and opens doors for you.

I can just hear the broken glass sloshing around. :D

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Ask your dealer to contact Optical Vision (the importers/distributors of Skywatcher) and ask them whether they have a 'return' OTA that they can sell you cheap :D

(If I were you, I couldn't bear to sell/px the HEQ5)

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[removed word]!! I thought I was having a bad day!!

The week I've had i've locked my scopes away!

Very sorry to hear about you mishap. Don't get rid of the HEQ5 keep it and get a grab 'n' Go scope.......A Revelation 80 or somthing along those lines ..You won't regret it...


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