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ETX 90 question

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Hi all,

Wonder if anyone can offer any advice, If I was to take OTA of my ETX90 out of it's fork mount for using on my EQ5 and then at a later date wanted to return it to the fork would it need any special realignment ?, am thinking of trying some planetary shot's with it on my EQ5 (took some last year with the ETX90 but was never over impressed with it's tracking ability for imaging) , but wouldn't want to take it out of it's fork, if I couldn't easily and safely be put back in (in case I'm ever able to sell it )



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Alan I think yes it would mate the only evidence I have to go on is a discussion with Tom we had at kielder he has a 12" that he uses on an eq6 but was tempted to buy a fork mount for it he said that the work needed to align it all onto the fork and the cost of the forks being offered were too much money he also said it would be better ie cheaper to sell the 12" and then buy one with forks already on it so it tells me a fair amount of realignment would be nescessary mate

hope this helps :D

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