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Walking on the Moon

Anyone out tonight?


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Got out for an hour fiddling with gain V time settings on the SC3 Toucam. More of the M51 thing for comparison. The Newt. just keeps getting more fun, but still has the focus travel issues. Lots to do on this toy. Nothing serious to process later, just comparisons.

Also pointed the Mak out of the window at Jupiter. Fabulous view of the stripes and moons in the EP but the webcam just doesn't like it and I wish I knew why. It will NOT focus properly with a webcam. Goes either side of focus but the in focus bit is just not there. Whats more, the unmodded webcam wouldn't even do images, K3CCD just kept bleating about sync. signals. Don't know what that is all about so I'm off to bed.

New to-do list:-

MUST get to see M51 in the flesh, so far I can't see it in the EP, but it appears on the SC3 fine. Filters? New better EP?

Sort out the unmodded webcam as it's playing up.

Find out why the Mak. and webcams don't get on together.

All good fun though!

Captain Chaos

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After the tiredness caused from being hopeful in seeing a Kielder and staying up very late for three nights on the trot with a flippin bad back too Its clear here but I just cannot be bothered even though I have come back with a fair more bit of gear again than when I arrived there like a lxd75 goto mount and a 2" televue dilectric diagonal and another adapter for the SCT.

had one prob there too apart from the no seeing the 12volt power supply I toook in anticipation died on me so need to sort a supply tomorrow that said I could of used the EQ5 as I have 6volt supplies but too tired

wish I could go to sgl camp bet you guies will have fantastic skies :lol:

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Well I seem to be ready now with a large lead acid 12Volt battery all wrapped up in polystirene its untested as such but after a nights charge and two hydrometer test preformed it seems to indicate all 6 cell are showing green just need the weather to improve to test my LXD75 mount out for real as we never really got a chance at Kielder seeing only a glimpse at Ursa Major And Polaris I would estimate we had 5 mins viwing time at just these listed here and thaT WAS IT!

Can't wait for October a chance to have another go at it :lol:

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You guys are winding me up now! I've got sodium yellow clouds. Look forward to seeing your images and reading your observation reports(said through clenched teeth). :) :) Don't

CC - having a web cam is the kiss of death to good visual observing. Even with night vision mode the monitor just trashes your night vision. Better value than any filter is to turn the laptop off for an hour, get properly dark adapted then try observing. Keep observing and try making a drawing. This is my theory anyway, cant say I have ever tried it out really cos I'm too busy imaging :lol:

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Trashes my night vision how? I dont need to use lights to pack up because of the free lighting from our road, the only way I can get images is by using filters and by sticking my van between the 'scope area and the road. Luckily our house gets in the way of the closer lights, but it also gets between me and Jupiter until WAY after bedtime.

I suppose I could decamp to a dark place, but she gets mad enough if I'm at the bottom of the garden instead of watching people getting sacked by a beard. He's even rubbish at it, they've not been there two minutes and he actually justifies his decision. By law he can award the DCM with no problems, but just because he's from SARF, wherever that is, he has to go all soft on them, can't stand it.

DCM = don't come Monday

Captain Chaos

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