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Is it worth it to buy a better name brand filter? I'm looking to buy a moon filter and was wondering if its worth it to buy an Orion or Celestron, or even one of the cheap ones. Is there anything specific I should be looking for?


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Hi Driftwood,

I have this filter:

Moon & Neutral Density Filters

It is fantastic, reduces glare on the moon without affecting colour or reducing the amount of detail, brings out amazing detail where I would normally be lucky to see any coz of the glare. Mine's a 1.25", 0.9 density.

Would really recommend it, it's also helped to bring out banding on Saturn and to enhance the rings across the planets surface (don't know how but I'm not complaining lol!)


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Thanks Amanda. I'll have to find something similar from a company located here in North America to keep the shipping price down. But the info on the filters you gave is very helpful.

So thanks again :)


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