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Strathspey 10x50 Marine Binoculars

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Not sure really.

To be honest I don't take much notice of reviews in mags. Oh dear I've said it now.

You could have a look on www.cloudynights.com to see if there is a review. The binocular forum on there is pretty good to. Someone must have bought these somewhere. There are probably a multitude of clones out there which to all intents and purposes are the same binocular.

With binoculars it is always best to try before you buy if you can.

Have a word with Steve at FLO may be a good idea.

Please let us know how you go on.

Clear Skies.

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I'm sorry I haven't heard so much about Strathspey, If you don't like it, you can not choose it. It needn't any reason.There are many different kinds of binoculars available for on-the-water use. Selecting marine binoculars that are right for you will depend upon your specific goals, your budget and other variables. If your requirement is to spot distant diving birds or floating kelp paddies, for example, chances are you’ll need a higher level of magnification than you would for general safety use. When choosing binoculars for boating or fishing, there are some important general features and functions you’ll want to look for. While a traditional model may fit the bill, serious boaters and anglers may want to spring for advanced innovations such as gyro-stabilization, which provide significant advantages for marine use. You can have a look at www.eyeskey.com

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I have a pair of 15x70s by Strathspey. They're pretty good at a reasonable price. Having been pleased with these I am considering the 10x50s to replace a pair of very good but old pair of wide angle Swifts 10x42. I'm hoping the extra light grasp will help. I do like the look of the much more expensive Opticron SR.GA but they are more than twice the price of the Strathspeys. For £75 or so the Strathspeys with their first in test review a couple of years ago should be some indication of their worth.

The S'Spey 7x50s have only just been pipped to the post in the latest binocular test in Sky @ Night in May's edition. On balance they/Strathspey, seem to offer a fairly strong selection to draw on.

John was very go to deal with and the service was speedy.

I hope this helps.


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I have a pair of Oberwerk 10x60 marine they are the same binoculars just uner a different name ,even the case is the same check www.oberwerk.com

I have had them for about 14 weeks and I love them good for the money, In USA they are $169.00 they are bak 4 Fully broadband muti-coated and I think they have 6* FOV waterproof 92m at 1000m top end of hand held, I was looking at Jupiter and could just make out two moons, that was on 28/6/10 a very good night

I use them for day time and for Star hopping a very good all rounder

and for me they are nice to use and are built to last



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This is not correct: A 10x50 IF cannot possibly be the same as a 10x60 ZCF.

Just for the record I meant Oberwark are the same make as Strathpray and that I have a pair of 10x60

Sorry if you did not understand what I had written


Edited by Doug
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