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Hi everyone , as you know there has been a very long thread on the POW situation.

and i would like to thank everyone for their input on the subject.

But before all this was raised we were looking at broadening the Judging as the workload is pretty large at times.

We must all remember that POW is a means of recognising progress in the newbie imager as well as the seasoned imager.

We have come to a point of course that now images presented are of an excellent quality, none of this slips by, so in judging we look for the on going improvement in an imager , this has to be a mix with the more seasoned imager as to which image we choose, or indeed other sources , for example Sketching, or even a normal DSLR picture ( not DSO).

So POW will continue in the same format , but with the addition now of an Extra Judge .

I have approached Steve ( Steppenwolf ) and he has kindly accepted to be our other Judge for POW.

Steve is very experienced Imager and as you know has had his first book published,so i welcome him on board .

I hope you all continue to enjoy POW .

Best wishes


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Thank you for your kind comments folks - can you think of a worse time than right now to join the judges :D:)

I've opened a special bank account - pm me with your best offers ... no, better still, let's be transparent about this, let's have an auction :)

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Naturally Steve! I'll even throw in lunch as well. Dont forget, the 'winning' pictures you will choose will be posted in the name of JT, so that nobody suspects anything :D

Welcome on board Steve, i'm really glad you accepted, it'll be nice to have 3 sensible judges to balance out my choices :)

Say goodbye to your Sunday afternoons :)



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i am no imager by any stretch of the imagination but it's the first thing i look at on a monday it puts that very faint fuzzie that i see into some form of perspective.

So i am glad it has been resolved :)

As someone else said in the thread 'if it ain't broke don't fix it' well it wasn't broke but we have upgraded it well done:icon_salut:


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