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Name the scopes you've owned...

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Those OMC140s must be a mixed bag, I looked into them when I bought my MK67, people either loved them or hated them.


It might be something to do with the farily narrow FOV.

I would never have the OMC140 as the only scope. It ihas a very specific role to play and that doesn't include widefield.



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Here is my list since 1982: Tasco 12TE 60mm F/13.3 refractor on alt-azimuth mount – Still with me ! Astro Systems 6” F/6 newtonian on Fullerscopes MkII equatorial mount Bresser Uranus 102mm F/9.8 refr

Too many to list, still have 26 of them. 

John. That's almost as many as Imad has had this year

Posted Images

Right then, pushed into this. No order although the 4504 got me started, may miss some..

114mm reflector (Meade 4504 goto)

60mm refractor (Japanese)

60mm Tasco refractor (red one, quite nice actually)

5 different Megrez 80 II's - one now FD


Meade 8", 10" and 12" LX200

Meade 8" LXD55 OTA

80mm, 102mm, 120mm and 152mm Skywatcher/Helios refractors (several of each bar the 152mm - all ST)

Celestron CR150D

Celestron NS8GPS

Orion UK 158mm F/5 refractor

APM 102mm triplet (now in the Ambermile CF tube)

Celestron C5+


WO ZS66 Apo

Stellarvue SV80D/9


SW 100 ED

SW 80 ED

Vixen VC200L



Celestron 90mm Mak

Vixen ED114SS (in transit!)

I don't intend to stop there either, still chasing for an FLT110 :lol:


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Celestron Classic C8 - 8" SCT (2032mm/f10) Dual 60Hz Synchronous Drive, Orange Tube

Celestron C90 - 3.5" Maksutov, (1000mm/f10) Black Tube

Celestron Super C8 - 8" SCT (2032mm/f10) 12vdc stepper motor, Black Tube

Meade 2120 MCSO GEM - Meade 10" SCT (2540mm/f10) with GEM Mount

Meade 107d MCSO - 4" SCT (1000mm/f10)

Meade #622 Cometracker - 6" SNT (530mm/f3.5) 

Home Made 6"/f4 Astrograph (630mm/f4) with oversized secondary for astrophotography

Meade ETX-70 - 70mm Refractor (350mm/f5)

Meade 10" ACF - 10" SCT (2540/f10) 

Celestron C11 - 11" SCT (2800mm/f10) Carbon Fiber/XLT/Fastar

Unitron 128 - 3.1" (80mm) Refractor <= Should never have sold this

Meade ETX-80 - 80mm Refractor (400mm/f5) - available for purchase

Celestron Cometron C80 - 3.1" (80mm) Refractor

Celestron 6"/f4.5 Newtonian

Celestron C5 - 5" SCT (1250mm/F10)

Celestron Comet Catcher - 5.5" SNT (508mm/f3.64)

Minolta 7x50 Rubber Armored Binoculars

Celestron 8x32 VistaPix Binoculars

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Well zombies are us ,,, and we all love a good zombie movie so here goes

Here is my list over 30 odd years ,

60mm Trust f11 frak on horrible alt az mount ( but it got me started , don't know if its s good thing ? )

1971 Meade 60mm f15 , eq2 ( still have this beauty in NZ ) awesome optics .

10 inch f10 newt on Dob mount , home built by me ( still have this , in NZ )

5 inch f 13.5 newt on pipe mount , home built by me ( donated to a friend in NZ )

6 inch f8 Dob , home built by me ( X has it )

8 inch f6 Dob , home built by me ( sisters birthday present )

90mm f10 refractor on alt az mount , home built by me , ( sold )

ED80 , awesome optics ( sold )

150mm f8 'Chromocored' Saxon frak HEQ5 ( gave to nephew in NZ , he uses this well ) powerful scope .

Stellarvue 80mm f6 'Aplanet' ( awesome lanthium glass , semi apo .) sold

150mm SW f5 frak ,EQ5 ( deep sky perfection ) sold .

TelVue 70mm Pronto , ( the scope everyone should own ) beautiful build and optics , Sadly Sold .

Long Perng 90mm f5 apo , ( beautiful build , sadly only semi apo ) sold .

Takahashi FS60C , ( best 60mm scope ever made , punched way above its size ) sadly sold .

Takahashi SKY90 on Vixen SP mount , ( 90mm f5 Fluorite goodness , perfect in every way ) my most used scope and keeper .

Takahashi Mewlon 210 , IEQ45 mount , ( why did I , in a fit of madness EVER ??? sell this scope ,, DHHHH ), why ? .

Istar 127mm f8 achromat frak HEQ5 mount , ( home built by me ) my 2nd most loved scope , performs so very well , another keeper .

Arriving next week , Celestron 9 1/4 Carbon fiber OTA , to replace my foolishly sold M210 , will be interesting to see how it performs after using the Tak , I have only heard good things about these , review to follow .

Binos ,

8x40's ( awesome ) sold .

7x50's ex-ground controller pair ( very , very awesome but I dropped them off a boat ,,,,, )

8x56's , nice and still have them .

12x32 Bushnell's , sweet little pair that I still have .

Zumhell 25x100's mounted , ( the best and I foolishly sold these as well ?? )

Think that's all .


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Nice trip down memory lane doing this.

Astro 90 newtonian reflector

Tal 1

Orion Optics 10 inch f6.3 reflector

Meade Starfinder 10 inch newtonian

Bresser 70mm refractor

Meade ETX90 - two of them

Meade LX200 classic 10 inch

Helios startravel 102

Helios startravel 150

Skywatch skymax 127 Maksutov

Intes M715 7 inch f15 maksutov

Wlliam Optics Zenithstar 80FD

William Optics 66ED

Wlliam Optics Megrez 110


Celestron C6SE

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Here are mine ......

1985 - Astro Systems (Bedford) 8.5" F/5 Newtonian - A brilliant first scope - should have kept it - SOLD
1986 - Beacon Hill 6" F/8 Newtonian - Hinds optics, very nice but kids came along so no time - SOLD
2007 - Celestron 102SLT refractor - not really good at anything - SOLD
2008 - Celestron C9.25 SCT - disappointing - SOLD
2008 - TAL 125R - very nice but too much CA - regretfully SOLD
2008 - Skywatcher 127 Maksutov - a bit too small - SOLD
2008 - Skywatcher 8" F/6 Dobsonian - superb optics - should not have sold it - SOLD
2009 - Skywatcher 120ED refractor - pinched optics - RETURNED
2009 - Takahashi TSA102 refractor - 4" perfection - KEEPER
2009 - Helios 6" F/8 refractor - too much CA - SOLD
2009 - Takahashi FS128 refractor - superb scope - KEEPER
2010 - Celestron C102ED refractor - excellent lightweight travel scope - should not have sold it - SOLD
2010 - Skywatcher 180 Pro Maksutov - disappointing - SOLD
2010 - Skywatcher 8" F/6 Dobsonian - disappointing - SOLD
2010 - Skywatcher 10" F/5 Dobsonian - superb optics but this scope did my back in, otherwise a keeper - SOLD

2012 - Takahashi Mewlon 210 - this brand new scope bought from Tak Europe was actually three years old !!! and had bad mirror shift - RETURNED
2012 - Celestron C8 SCT - Nice optics but the OO 8" was better - SOLD
2012 - Orion Optics 8" F/6 Dobsonian 1/10th wave - superb optics - KEEPER
2013 - Intes Micro 715 Maksutov - Superb optics - views match the FS128 - relatively light/compact - KEEPER

Edited by dweller25
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Here is my list since 1982:

Tasco 12TE 60mm F/13.3 refractor on alt-azimuth mount – Still with me !

Astro Systems 6” F/6 newtonian on Fullerscopes MkII equatorial mount

Bresser Uranus 102mm F/9.8 refractor on Vixen SP mount with Skysensor GOTO

TAL 100RT 100mm F/10 refractor on TAL equatorial mount

Celestron Nexstar 5 125mm F/10 schmidt-cassegrain on Nexstar GOTO alt-az mount

Skywatcher ED100 100mm ED F/9 refractor on Skywatcher EQ5 mount

Helios Evostar 150mm F/8 refractor on EQ5 equatorial mount

Orion (USA) ED80 80mm ED F/7.5 refractor

Celestron C8 plus 8” F/10 schmidt-cassegrain on RA driven fork mount

Konus ST80 80mm F/5 refractor

Skywatcher Skyliner 250PX 250mm F/4.7 dobsonian

Skywatcher Skyliner 200P 200mm F/5.9 dobsonian

Skywatcher 127mm F/11.7 maksutov-cassegrain on SupaTrak alt-azimuth mount

Meade Lightbridge 12 305mm F/5 truss tube dobsonian

William Optics Megrez 90mm F/6.9 ED refractor on Skywatcher AZ-3 mount

Bresser 127L 127mm F/9.4 refractor on Celestron CG5 mount

Celestron C5+ 125mm F/10 schmidt-cassegrain on Skywatcher AZ-3 mount

Meade AR6 152mm F/8 refractor on Skywatcher SkyTee II mount

TAL 150 F/8 newtonian on Celestron CG5 mount

Konus KonusSky 150mm F/8 refractor on Ambermille Alt-Azimuth mount

Vixen ED102SS 102mm F/6.5 ED refractor on Ambermille Alt-Azimuth mount – Still with me !

Orion Optics Europa Deluxe 250mm F/4.8 newtonian on Ambermille Alt-Azimuth mount 

Intes MN61 / Orion Argonaut 150mm F/5.9 maksutov-newtonian

Skywatcher ED120 Pro 120mm F/7.5 ED refractor – Still with me !

Skywatcher Evostar 150mm F/8 refractor

Skywatcher Skymax 180 maksutov-cassegrain on HEQ5 mount

Celestron Nexstar 8SE schmidt-cassegrain on Nexstar GOTO alt-az mount

Orion Optics SPX 300mm F/5.3 newtonian on Shane Farrell dobsonian mount – Still with me !

Istar Perseus AT-150-12 150mm F/12 achromat refractor on Bray Tablet Mount – Still with me !

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Ok, if I can remember right...

Celestron Firstscope 114

Konus Vista 80mm f5

Stellarview Nighthawk

Tall 110

Helios 102mm f5

Etx 90 RA

Skymax 127 Mak EQ3

Skywatcher 80mm f5

GSO 8" f6 Dob

Another 102mm f5

TeleVue 85

Skywatcher ED80 (blue)

Skywatcher ED100 (gold)

Celestron C80 ED

Skywatcher Equinox 120

Celestron 80mm f5

Celestron 100ED

TS 90mm f6.6 Triplet Apo

ATM 102mm f6 Triplet achro


Astro Professional 80mm f11-ish Planet Hunter achro

Celestron/Vixen 90mm f14.4 achro

Skywatcher 12" Flextube Auto Dob

Swift 839 60mm f13.5

Another 127mm Mak

Another 127mm Mak

Skymax 180mm Mak

Pentax J60

Pentax J80

TMB 80mm f11-ish Planet Hunter

Lyra Optics 102mm f11 achro

Lunt LS60

Lunt LS60 PT

Orion USA 180mm Mak

Helios 150mm f8 achro

Intes M603

Prinz 550

Another Prinz 550

Orion UK 6" f8

Skywatcher 6" f8

Skywatcher 114mm f5

Skywatcher 90mm f10 achro

Another Skywatcher 90mm f10 achro

Celestron 90mm f10 achro

... I think I may have missed out a few 80mm and 102mm f5 achro's, but you get the general gist...


Edited by A McEwan
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This will be a short list. In chronological order:

Skywatcher Heritage 130P (sold to a colleague)

Skywatcher Explorer 150PDS

Skywatcher Skymax 90

Skywatcher Skyliner 300P Flextube

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Prinz 60mm refractor (maybe 70-80mm. I was young and dont remember too much)

Celestron 90mm EQ 

Celestron 70mm Travelscope

Skywatcher Heritage 130P

Celestron 200mm SCT

I still have the latter four scopes,but i dont use the 90mm anymore.

Edited by LukeSkywatcher
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TAL 2 (sold)

Skywatcher 150p (sold)

Skywatcher 150pl (sold)

Celestron C90 Mak (sold)

TAL 1 (sold)

Carton 80mm (sold)

TAL 100RS (sold)

Tasco 114mm (my first scope unfortunately sold)

Skywatcher 300px (sold)

Astro 60mm x 700mm frac

Equinox 120

Equinox 80

TAL 100R/PST stage 2 solar

Lyra 102mm F11


Ikharus 102mm ED

Skywatcher 200 pds

Orion VX6L

Nothing else planned at the moment, quite happy with these.

Converting the Skytee 2 to dual saddles ensures that there is a lively mix of scopes having a back to back shoot out when its clear.

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Skywatcher 200P Skyliner sold

Skywatcher 200P Explorer (HEQ5) sold (and sold)

Skywatcher ST80 sold

William Optics Megrez 72 sold

Altair Astro 200m f4 Newt sold

Skywatcher Evostar ED80 (EQ6) sold (and sold)

William Optics GT81 sold

Takahashi FSQ-85 (EQ8) current

I think I'm missing a couple, I will update if I can remember :)

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But why?!? too many telescopes! 

I've only got 2 humble telescopes (chick the signature below), I hope I will never join the dark side and have similar lists as posted here, my guess is I will have a max of 5 scopes in the future. 

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Too many to list, still have 26 of them.  :smiley:

26! Surely you can't possibly need 26 'scopes OK I can see that you might get a large collection but by that point you must have some which duplicate their purposes.

Anyway my list ...

Tasco 4.5" f8 which I owned before god was born

Bresser 90 / 900

that's it.

OK I am planning on adding to that this year and if I include bins I could double the list. If on the other hand I include scopes I've had access to then it gets a lot longer.

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