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Hi ya Guys and gals Please be aware that its silly season again and the nutter's appear to be coming out of their long hibernation in the woodwork period. There are once again stories floating around cyberspace that on August 27 the planet Mars will be appearing as big and as bright as the new moon as its at its closest approach ever seen on this planet Oh someone please call out the pest control officers and have them put these Luna-tics out of their sorry little miserable existences were do they dream up these hair brain ideas from regards Pete :):eek:

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I was sent that yesterday.

What it said is almost true!!!??

If you read it carefully it says it will look the same size as the full moon seen with the naked eye, but only when Mars is viewed through a telescope...

Yes, I agree, nothing special really.

There will be some disappointed people out there later in the year.

What a hoot though!!

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