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Blue Lagoon?


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Last night was another productive night under the stars. I thought I was going to have to call it quits when some cloud rolled in and my autoguider lost the tracking star, but a bit of patience and some U-Tube browsing kept me amused until they cleared again. :icon_rolleyes:

Total of 3.5 hours of 10-minute subs.

The Lagoon is about 4,100 Light years from Earth and is an active star forming cloud, with plenty of Bok globules of protoplanetary material.

Hope you like it!



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I'm just so jealous of all these southern gems... Parts of this are like the trap region of M42 but you get that as well... ok it will be upside down ;)

Thanks for posting them on whats largely a northen hemisphere forum...


:icon_rolleyes::director:Take that.....and that!:):):iamwithstupid:



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