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Leo Triplet nearly 7 hours


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This is a combination of three sessions with the last one being taken at SGL4 on Saturday night.

The images have been combined with registar from the three final images created for each session. I will probably have another bash with the whole lot restacked in groups.


5 x 10mins
21 x 10mins
15 x 10mins (at SGL4)


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Another great piece of work from you Kevin.

It is a very popular target the Triplet, and some great images of it have come on to the forum lately, this is another of them.


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Sorry Tony all subs were 10 mins I had put 5mins subs for sessions 2 and 3 on the original post. Total time was 6 hours 50 mins (41 x 10mins)



Ah, now it all adds up. Literally! Great image matey :icon_rolleyes:.


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The image has a smoothness and depth that comes with time. M66 is showing its second outlying arm (upper left of the main galaxy) and that's a sure sign of a good'un. The stars and background sky are also lovely.

So I join in the general and well deserved applause.


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Certainly is a superb image... I am not worthy... sorry I didn't comment earlier - I

have been dragged towards the "light side".... :icon_rolleyes:

and doing battle with the DMK - looks like its running VMA on the same lappy thats doing it... as both "crash" at the same time. ;)


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