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Hi all.

As some of you might remember I have put my name down with Altair Astro for a TMB 130ss and have been in communication with Ian via e-mail and received prompt replies. It's reassuring for me to see Altair Astro posting on this forum but it is also obvious that there are still issues to be addressed.


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I posted a while ago that Altair Astro had lost my kendrick dew controller and I had difficulty getting a replacement :)

Anyway the matter has now been resolved and I now have a kendrick controller:headbang:

We will put this down to poor communication and thank Ian for sorting things out


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I would give Altair a chance on this. Computers etc can let people down. Ian and Nick are trying to be a bit more than just passers on of goods and are trying to offer slightly different products. My experience has been positive.


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Hi Nick,

I have sent you a PM. I have been trying to contract you guys via email but no replies at all.

Anyone here got their 102mm Triple ED Refractor? Care to share its good n bad?


Hi there Confused, apologies the product enquiry webform on our website was pointing to a nonexistent email address (my fault, Doh!) anyway, we're out of stock of the V1.0 Altair 102mm Triplets, but we should have more in about 2 months time.

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I've bought a number of things off Altair Astro and generally their service has been very good - prompt deliveries, correct orders, good products and good advice etc etc. There are however lapses when they just seem to 'go missing' for what seems like weeks on end. I am sure it is just workload and being overstretched but a message on the website or change to the answer phone message would stop customers tearing their hair out! I'll still be buying from them in future though

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Thanks Stu, we seem to be getting a lot of phone enquiries at present, plus we spend a lot of time with customers in the shop and can't answer the phone at the same time. It can be frustrating for us too. Customers often come to see us because they like to see stuff like the POD and TMS hardware in the flesh. Calls with a customer can last up to an hour if things get technical, and then it's a race to the post office each afternoon at around 4pm too. We always forward the phone on answer but I'm wondering if something isn't right with it (again!) did you ring us and did it just ring out or something without the message and beep? Often customers call us and leave a number we can't interpret or even forget to leave their details, assuming we’ll just call the last missed number which we can’t often see. Also we've had a lot of customers call our old number (a gent the other day had been calling our old number for days because it persists on Google).

Based on this feedback I've put a message up on the website about the best time to call us, and also a message about not using "invisible" numbers, because we get a lot of spam calls which we just can't pick up. Often customers call us from work or switchboards which appear as such. I know some astro retailers follow strict "phone" hours, and we are going to follow suit plus get rid of the mobile, because the mobile reception in Norfolk is awful and we often get garbled forwarded voicemail.

Thanks, Nick, Altair Astro

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