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Err...Bit Of A Mishap With An EP.....


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On a 12 hour night last night, so decided to take in the ED80 and my eyepiece box for cleaning and polishing.

My 10mm Plossl was very cruddy so I took it apart to give it the extra special once over....Put it all back together and thought nothing more of it..

Got home today and the sun was making a sporadic appearance so set everything up to do some solar observing...Plopped in the 10mm and iv'e chipped the edge :lol:

When clampling it back togrther it must have been slightly out of alignment and tink.........Knackered..

So moral of the story ...perhaps its better to leave em dusty.

Magwar, slayer of the plossl.

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I think Daz must have said a similar set of words when he put his size 12 boot on his glasses.

My self done a simalar thing with a 60mm refractor, dropped one of the lens when I took it apart to clean.


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Sorry to hear that.

We all do things like that.

Trying to look on the bright side you can get a similar eyepiece for not too much cash. I mashed a 10mm eyepiece that came with one of my scopes so it is now an experimental eyepiece that I have no concerns about pulling apart and sticking things too eg a occuling bar to block out bright stars when I'm looking for it's very faint companion.


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I dropped a 114 reflector OTA onto a brick wall earlier this year. Stood it on it's end when packing up and the thing just toppled over and landed on the sharp end of a brick wall. Put a great big dent in the metal tube. I wasn't too stressed though as the whole thing cost me £30 and that included the poor mount too.

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