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Ye god's how many people set the meade up!:)

I'm still drooling.

Three. I'm still aching........ :) It's an awesome bit of kit.

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Ah, so that was how Rob got it up then? I did wonder - it were a hellava beast - saw some beautiful views of Saturn through it with Lulu's eyepiece.

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I only found out about SGL4, far too lateto apply. On Friday I was talking to Bristol astronomical Society on cosmology and then on Saturday collected my recently acquired AP1200 mount and Monolith tripod and also RCOS 12.5ins F/9 telescope, well down south and didn't get back to my home in Malvern until quite late.

So I popped along on Sunday morning to say hello and see the site in while folks were packing up.

The clouds cleared Sunday night late on, and I went back to take a dark sky reading, wearing my light pollution hat, and a SQM L. 21.08 magnitudes per square second at zenith +/- .02.

I did the same at and Mathon, just west of Malvern where I am in the process of buying a house surrounded by gardens and fields. Exactly the same value, while at my home in Malvern it was 20.35, a factor of two brighter. Typical Severn valley.

Earlier last week I was the National astronomy meeting reading a paper in the pro-am session about my modelling Skyglow and relating it to specific Street light design and the effect on rural areas.

P.S. My in service telescopes are an Intes Micro 7ins F/6 on HEQ5, and an ED80 on HEQ3 goto, and various mirror and Canon L camera lenses for my Astrotrak portable setup.

I hope this is of some interest.

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I know it's OT but how do you measure sky glow etc. Is it a machine thing or what?

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