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The Lyrids from 22.04 / 23.04

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I like meteors, I think that they are great when you catch one on Film (*cough* CCD). Especially when they are among circular star trails.

I decided to set the camera up on a static tripod and leave it running all night.

I setup close to the house so that I could run the lead into the dining room and have the laptop inside. I had to use the HEQ5 as the static tripod in the end as the power for the camera is built into the wiring loom!

So I covered up the mount in a plastic bag with a small hole at the top for the camera to poke through and set it going.

I plumped for 3 minute subs (181 seconds) with 30 second between each, at ISO400. Set it going for 110 shots - total 6 hours 26 minutes.

I used the standard canon lens (that came with the 300D), set to 24mm, I used a Light polution filter screwed into the lens and a 2" EP dew strap around the end of the lens to keep dew at bay.

Focusing and positioning was an absolute bitch, but I finally managed to get the focus good and started to work on position. I really wanted to get Polaris in shot and finlly managed it (you wouldn't think it would have been that hard - but trust me it was).

So how many meteors do you think that I got, bearing in mind the FOV and the length of time I exposed for...?

Go on have a guess. 10, 15...?

Not blumming 1 :)

Three planes but no meteors. Oh and it patially clouded over at 1:34am :)

I've used a program called Startrails v1.1 to make the following image. But due to the cloud it's only about 3 hours 40 minutes. Excellent progam, free and very easy to use (even though mines stuck in GERMAN).

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Nice trails. Over here in the welsh marches we always think that with the odd exception meteors means cloud so guess what we have - second night running. Darn it - I like them to.

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I also stitched together the following animation using Image Ready.

It's been resized by a massive amount to get the file size down and it's still just under 5Mb.

I hope it's worth the wait.

The bright star on the right (about half way through) is Vega, the bright stars at the top at the start are from Ursa Major.


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Great star trails and animation! Shame about the meteors though... :-)

When you are stuck with your German, give me a shout :-))

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