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Summer Triangle Challenge

Jupiter and Moons, Sept 15, 2023


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I don't try the planets too often....  I want to more in future.    I did not put my 11 inch out as I generally don't max my 140mm refractor.   Seeing was good though....  shoulda put out the 11.   Next time!

APM 140/7 + 2.5X barlow + QHY5Ciii






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6 hours ago, Space Cowboy said:

Very nicely captured!

Thanks Stuart!

5 hours ago, CraigT82 said:

That lovely, tons of detail on jup when zoomed in. Very nice! 

Thanks Craig!   I was pretty happy how well it came out.    Colour was good without any extra effort,  and details were he best I have got so far  in my admittedly few attempts to date.  :)))

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48 minutes ago, Sunshine said:

that’s a great wide field image, we dont see many Jupiter wide fields with Galilean moons all present, nice work.

Thanks Sunshine!   I will be sure to try again soon if I get the chance!  Be awesome to have a nice night with my 11.   One day...  :)))



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16 hours ago, Roy Foreman said:

Excellent image and nice exposure balance between Jupiter and it's moons.  I too am starting to branch out into planetary imaging, but as yet my results are mediocre at best.  Your shot gives me a benchmark to aim for !

Thanks much Roy!   Looking good weatherwise for Friday wee hours....   I will try again if so,  and put the 11 out too!  I will likely try the same sort of shot again with my 140,   and see what I can do with the same camera on the C11 if the seeing is good enough - time permitting.     For this shot,  I reduced the FOV to about 2.4mp which allowed me 7,000 frames in 90 seconds. 


OH...  I must mention that the "balance" in exposure is completely artificial.   I expose purely for Jupiter in capture.   When stacking,  the moons are JUST barely visible enough to put an alignment point on them.   After stacking and sharpening,  I open up the file in Lightroom for final tweaks and watermarking.   It is there that I bring the exposure of the moons up to a nicely visible brightness.   I am adding nothing to the picture,  it is all captured in the same frame,  but without brightening the moons they are barely visible.   :))))


Clear skies!!




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