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ToupTek CMOS OSC Camera (IMX533 sensor) - Unity Gain and High Conversion Mode (RisingCam, Altair, Omegon, etc.)


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Hi Astro Community,


I recently bought the ToupTek CMOS ATR3CMOS09000KPA (IMX533) camera.  These are the same camera rebranded as RisingCam, Altair, Omegon, and others.  I am looking for assistance interpreting the data to find unity gain. 

The manufacturer  claims unity gain is at 300 but never responded when I asked if that was in High-Gain-Mode (HGM) or not.  The user manual states the gain ratio is 3.05.  I am assuming this is a multiplier?

Looking at the data below, it looks to me the Unity Gain is probably close to what  ToupTek says—300, but the data doesn't clarify in what mode.  So, one might assume in "normal" mode (I.E. without checking the boxes for HGM or HFW).   

So if that is the case, and if the gain ratio is indeed a multiplier of 3.05, then perhaps unity gain is 100 when in High-Conversion-Gain (HGM).   

In other words . . . gain set to 100 in HCG Mode  X  3.05 (gain ratio) = New Gain of 305— close to what the manufacturer recommends.   My conclusion is that unity gain is 300 without HGM engaged . . . and 100 with HGM engaged.






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