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My plan went to plan for a change...


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... I have been able to find Saturn a few times and think he is fantastic, but can I tell you about my find this morning!!! I planned today's viewing around my work and from the moment I woke up for my work at midnight I knew tonight was the night, well actually this morning was the morning. It was as if the planets were calling me.

I own a courier service and knew by the deliveries I had if I didn't mess about I could be home for about 4.30am. I collected my parcels and carried on with my deliveries at about 2.30am took a diversion of about 30 miles to come home and bring out my scope to cool down then went to do my last few drops. Once all my drops were completed I flew home probably using a good few litres of fuel more than I normally would. Of course I went via the services for a takeaway coffee. "Can I have a large one, I am a lady on a mission"

I got home around 5.00am, didn't even go into the house as everything was outside, I even had a coffee, straight onto the scope and without even having to look for it there he was.. Jupiter, clear as a bell. It seemed to be bulging at the seams, ready to burst, fantastic, I even found Venus, it is crescent shaped!! Did not know that!! OMG what a morning. Tried my best for Mars but no joy there. I am sorry to waffle on about this but I have tried for the last week and a half to view these and I eventually got there. Yipee. I am so excited. I think I will have the sight of Jupiter in my head all day now. Absolutely fantastic. Well worth the extra diesel I cost myself to view them!! The moon was pretty good aswell. Me, Jupiter and a coffee, does it get better than this?? :) Superb!!!! Regards Dt

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Wow, dt, what a report! Sounds like you had a fantastic morning. Did you get to enjoy the beautiful dawn chorus too? It is lovely this time of the year. You have spurred me on to get up early to look for the wonderful Jove... roughly how high was he above the horizon?


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Very nice report :)

Me, Jupiter and a coffee, does it get better than this?? :)

Have you seen one of its moons moving in front of the planet, casting its shadow on the surface? I was soooo excited when I first saw that!

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