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Hello Hayden and welcome to SGL,

You managed to see Saturn which is great, it is very low at the moment but will improve.

Jupiter will soon be very high in the night sky and will be a better sight.

You could download “Stellarium”, its free and will help you find your way around the might sky.

Clear skies…..

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30 minutes ago, RT65CB-SWL said:

The first viewing of Saturn is like a first date… unforgettable!

I can't recall much about my 1st date but my 1st view of Saturn (also around 45 years ago) is etched on my memory 😁


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It’s moments like that, seeing Saturn and it’s amazing rings for the first time, that carry you through the times when it clouds over just as you finish setting up. I imagine it’s similar to a golfer hitting a hole in one, it puts all the other rubbish shots in the shade.

Keep at it, you will discover other just as amazing sights that will stay with you for ever. 



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Saturn takes high magnification well and is unique in that it is the only planet with a ring system that is visible in amateur telescopes. It is very high up on the "wow factor" list for all observers, both seasoned and new. At the moment the angle of our view means that the rings are closing and will be edge on in 2025 but then at their fullest tilt (26.5deg) again in 2032. 

Saturnoppositions-animated - Rings of Saturn - Wikipedia

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