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Hello from Liverpool


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Great to be here from an interweb newbie.

I've loved the nightsky since childhood, my first painting set had a picture of a lunar lander and an astronaut on. Twenty years later while studying colour theory at art college I re-discovered my fascination with optics and space. I got all the books I could find and took a hacksaw to old super8 cameras, overhead projectors... anything with glass in, but thought "I need a proper telescope". The local hobby shop had a nice looking red telescope in the window on sale, I bought it.

By this time I knew a bit about optics and on opening the box was gutted to see the 50mm lens was in fact a simple lens stopped down to 15mm! (I'd been making rainbows for ages, free). And so it began... I didn't want to take the 'scope back and thought "well, I can fix it; how much for a... oh!" Some time later the red tube had an achromat, eye pieces made from cine camera lenses, black flock... I pointed it at a bright star and saw a little pink globe with a white top. Mars!

Fifteen years later I'm still struggling, the kit has improved and is much cheaper but a good 'scope (any 'scope) is just the beginning. My new neighbour saw me at the eyepiece yesterday and asked for a look. x280 Saturn in the OMC, he liked it and we are now freinds. As a hobby I think astronomy breaks down all borders. Talking of borders, I've been lurking on the CN forums but here seems like home, don't know how I missed it (interweb newbie).

Thanks everyone, "Astronomy is looking up"


p.s. My most recent 'scope purchace was a 2 inch Tasco. Ten quid from a charity shop. White tube this time, very good lens, all metal, prism diagonal... AND in the box with cool 60's graphics.

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Hi Alex. Nice to have you join SGL.

So, you are handy with bits and pieces heh?, I did a lot of that myself when I started too, simply because optical devices were out of my reach money wise. I had a 50mm Tasco Refractor bought for me. The first real telescope I ever owned, and whilst I was grateful to receive it as a gift, I have to say I was not overly Impressed with it, and It could have ruined my astronomy interest for good, but it didn't thank goodness. I went on to make a fair number of reflectors later in life.

Anyway, welcome to the forum, enjoy your stay. there is loads of help available should you need any.


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Thanks for the greetings. Good to see some locals too. I've posted some photo's on my profile if anyone wants a squiz (not exactly Hubble), the light pollution near Seaforth docks is "amazing". Cheers guys.

p.s. mobile broadband upload speed is soooooo.... sloooooowwww.....!

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